blil blub

Project Vaporwaves is looking good.

Just need to corrupt the other metarooms, and maybe rip some bundled agents from other projects to toss in.

I reorganized my c3ds repo. The link is still broken, I'm not sure when I'll fix it.

Made a little script that flooded the world for me, which I might polish and publish later. The Meso is salt water, the rest of the ship is fresh. (The comms room and isolation chamber are air; eggs are shunted to the isolation chamber every now and then.) The code I made for the wasteland patch (still working on it-- redoing it, actually, but the original code is still in my room-by-room CA graph) could be repurposed to reset rooms later, on command. Hm.

I'm glad everyone seems to be enjoying my little experiment with Magic Words.

Garden Box is cool!

Let's see. I also set up a world specifically for IQ testing, which involved a little bit of patch work-- changing my import script so it went directly to the workshop (more than a matter of convenience, I don't want creatures to be any more confused than they have to be), modifying one of Amaikokonut's scripts to aggressively make everyone infertile all the time (theoretically) (I'd like to disable it on the script level-- hmm), making a mass-import script, fighting with a mass export agent to the point I'll probably want to eventually rewrite that functionality myself too. (One of the things I'd like to implement in a future GUI is a 'checkbox' mode for exporting.)

I could streamline the process even more-- automated WOLFs and things like that-- but I don't mind the waiting, and sometimes the situation calls for a little hand intervention. (Like when the only reason a creature isn't making it is because they're sneezing every 2 seconds, from an infection they got on the IQ ship.) I've just been using the time to relax.


Have a party.

I spent all night crafting this to be as aesthetically obnoxious as possible.

Appreciate me.

Here, take it.

You'll need Magic Words Core.

Today I learned that no matter what you think PRAY or any bit of code involving PRAY is doing, it probably isn't. Let's pretend no one downloaded this agent before 6:23 AM.


Today's gems

  • Undulating Animal
  • Donated Holiday
  • Slimy Robot
  • Lovecraftian Virgin
  • Forsaken Blood
  • Writhing God
  • Mutant Thing
  • Big Slime

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