I've made some patches. They're primarily relevant to Docking Station only, but if I make something that could be used in standalone C3, I'll make a point to mention whether it can be.

Most patches involve, at minimum, knowing where your Docking Station directory is-- applying the changes to running worlds, if it's possible, tends to require some minimal console copy-and-paste. Check the readme for specifics.

Don't Click Here to Login
This COS removes the 'click to login' popup from all future worlds, as well as current ones with a little console trick (instructions in readme). The world seems a little less mocking now.

This is NOT the login disabler. It is just an aesthetic tweak.

Regarding patches, my policies on redistribution and forking are almost always 'please do'. Check the readme and/or the head of the COS file (higher precedence) anyway, though. Try not to take credit, obviously. If you're going to redistribute, I would appreciate some form of attribution and/or a heads up, primarily because it's polite; secondarily, because I might have a bugfix or new version you don't.

Git stuff
I keep my patches in a git repo, so I can clone them and start working painlessly in new installs. You can too, if you have Git. This is not required, it's just handy if you happen to use Git already.

cd .../Docking Station
git init
git pull

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